Pomogrante :
Influenced by the history of art in Iran, I am fascinated about Persian Miniature and I use them in my paintings.
Persian miniature which are richly detailed and depict religious or mythological themes. The art of miniature painting in Persia flourished from the 13th through till today. These delicate, lush paintings are typically visually stunning, with a level of details which can only be achieved with a fine hand and an extremely small brush. I have tried to develop my paintings by using Persian art which has its own distinct features, and develop it to todays contemporary art.
I have also emphasised on natural and realist motifs together with the Persian technique of "layering" perspectives to create a sense of space ad depth. This gives the viewer a sense of three-dimensional space and the ability to focus on certain aspects of the piece to the exclusion of others. My chosen symbol is the Pomegranate which is also a sign of fertility in old Persian Culture. I add the Persian miniature feathers on them and by using layers have I tried to achieve the antique aged feeling to my viewers.

Flowers and Trees:

I am fascinated and inspired by nature; as in trees, flowers and the emotions we receive by observing them.
The life around us, the seasonal change can relate to the cycle of life, in the universe. My work essentially captures my own emotions and reflects what I see in the world that surrounds me, and I want to convey this to the viewer in various forms. What gives me a sense of fulfilment is when my viewer shares these emotions and can appreciate what is communicated through my paintings.
The tree has been a subject of paintings since ancient times. They may symbolise the tree of life, growth, family tree or nature. Symbolically, trees unite the heavens and earth. They are tied to the earth, and even underground in its root system. Branches reach up into the sky, uniting above and below.
Trees are literally life givers, and provide the oxygen we could not live without. They clean the air and help to combat the greenhouse effect. They provide shelter and sustenance to people, wildlife, birds, insects, and much more. The flower grows on them and fruits are their major product. They invite us to realise how our lives may experience changes, from spring, starting a life to winter when we are witnessing the fall of leaves, that can be the end of our cycle or start a new life again. The joy of looking at their new life, gives us hope to appreciate existence and not to give up in our day to day life problems.

Faces:  My portrait paintings started from my self portrait photographs and then I decided to use them as a structural base to paint myself with different looks.
       As I was experiencing painting, to my surprise, I have realised each of my portrait became a character with personality, It seems like I am creating someone whom I knew in my past or from my memories which I was not sure when and where. 
      As an Iranian woman, living in exile, often I look at the pictures of women before and after Islamic Revolution(1979), in Iran, I have witnessed the changes of dress code of     Iranian woman, I felt like by painting them, I am going back to the memory line, mostly from my childhood. 
     By observing, the old photos of the way my family and friends, used to dress in 60’s, 70’s till to this date, I got inspired to used them into my paintings, then started to become more challenging as I tried to capture a person’s soul and personality and then I added the feelings I had into my portrait paintings.


MA Fine Art - Distinction, Chelsea University of Art, London.

HNC Fine Art, Kensington Chelsea College of London.



2019 London,   Zari Gallery, Solo Show.
2019 Paris,       "Figures", Galerie Eclectic Studio.
2019 London,   "Intersect" , Sweet Art.
2018 London,   art4grenfell. 
2017 London,   P21 Gallery, Thread of Light. Group show.
2017 Poland,    Katowice, Gallery Rondo, Connect. Group show.
2017 London,   Seasons, Maxilla Space.
2016 London,   Ply gallery, Connect project.
2016 London,   Sweet Art, SHE.
2016 Puntcum, Group show.
2016 Tehran,     Etemad gallery, Blue Gold, Group show.
2015 London,   Housed- Cook House, Chelsea. Group show.
2014 London,   La Galleria, London, Group show.
2013 London,   Hortensia Gallery, Group show. 
2013 London,   Opera Gallery, (Peace from bottom of my art), Group show.
2012 London,   Hortensia Gallery, Group show.
2012 London,   Janet Rady fine art, Opera House.
2011 Tehran,    Seyhoun Gallery, Solo Exhibition.
2011 Tehran,    Seyhoun gallery Mona Lisa and I, Group show.
2009 Tehran,    Aaran Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition.
2009 Tehran,    Mamak Gallery, Group show.
2001 London,   Ameri fine Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition.
1997 Sydney,   Chiefley Plaza Center, Group show.
1992 Sydney,   Fresh Water Gallery, Group show.
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